We don’t like just get along with trends and hope you feel what you want to be.
And we strive to do our best so that your experiences in TONJIRU CARNIVAL will be one of the best Japanese because only “the best experiences” will stay in our memories.
– Do you know the second largest mountain in Japan?




Tonjiru Carnical|トンジル(豚汁)カーニバル
奥渋谷のTonjiru Carnical|トンジル(豚汁)カーニバル

#2 Modern Japanese Art & Performance

You can experience not only our friendly and gentle rave party but modern Japanese art and performance.
In Tokyo, there is a lot of attractive tourist spots like Asakusa, Shinjuku, Roppongi, Odaiba and so on.
If you wanna look for other places and experiences, you should see our modern Japanese art and performance with house/techno/bass music in TONJIRU CARNIVAL at Shibuya.
It will be fantastic and realistic, natural and neo-futuristic!




Japanese art and performance| Tonjiru Carnival(トンジル(豚汁カーニバル)
Tokyo art and nightout | Tonjiru Carnival(トンジル(豚汁カーニバル)

#3 We’d be grateful if you could feel like traveling abroad and “Neo Shibuya”

We value what you hope at parties and wanna make our beautiful party with you.
And We’d be grateful if you could feel like traveling abroad and “Neo Shibuya”.

東京にいながら、海外・Neo Shibuyaを味わう時間へ。


Tonjiru Carnical|トンジル(豚汁)カーニバル

#4 Enjoy our food with good stories

It’s a matter of course we offer good meals(Tonjiru, pork dishes,etc.)
and we offer them with good stories of the farmers so that you can fully enjoy TONJIRU CARNIVAL.



豚の日 Tonjiru Carnical|トンジル(豚汁)カーニバル
Tonjiru Carnical|トンジル(豚汁)カーニバル
豚の日 Tonjiru Carnical|トンジル(豚汁)カーニバル

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