We are Team

Jackie(Junya Matsushima)

Founder / Marketing / DJ

Jackie (Junya Matsushima))Jackie(Junya Matsushima), as a player of guitar, drum, piano, etc. performs live of various genres from pops to rock.
Currently, he is working as a support guitarist of the ex-Theatrical Shiki top actress in Japan as well as activities throughout the country while deepening knowledge of dance music as a result of directly touching dance music festivals and club scenes around the world, as a track maker and DJ. He plays a wide range from Balearic house to Tech house with the real-time sequence. He also produces events and sounds in various styles all over the world.

Instagram  / Beatport / Twitter / Facebook / E-mail : junyamatsushima[at]gmail.com


Founder / Guest Experience

AiAi designs the activities and experiences of our show/party and makes our bland’s merchandise and promotion items.


Founder / Guest Experience

KaoriKaori designs our operation of the show/party and makes handmade “TONJIRU” accessories for our guests.